Cataire Studios

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À propos de Cataire Studios

Founded in 2020, Cataire Studios is an indie game development studio located in Clermont-Ferrand, right in the middle of France (a city amongst sleeping volcanoes, with a black cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand is also the home of the renowned Michelin company!).

Cataire Studios aims to create its own videogames, but also offers various services around this medium: musical composition, and a translation service from english to french.

Who am I?

I’m Pierre-Marie Aubineau. I’ve been fond of playing video games (and thinking about making mine) since I was little. In february 2020, i finally decided to make a job out of it!

In 2022, I’m not actually working full-time on Cataire Studios, but I still continue to create games under Cataire Studios in my free time.